summer craft project #1

I noticed a really cute mat bag at a yoga class a while back (a long while back). It was open the long way so no rolling and stuffing was necessary. I noticed its owner had plenty of room for keys, flip flops, h2o, etc. while I struggled to juggle my stuff. I inquired about the roomy bag and found out it came from etsy. Immediately, I thought, “I can make it!”. But that was during my last semester of grad school and during the regular school year so there was no way I could make it.

Since my mind hasn’t been so busy, I searched for a pattern for the illustrious bag. Of course, my *not so* ulterior motive is to have a cute new fitness accessory. Here’s what I found. Easy peasy!

So instead of a mani this afternoon, I headed to Joann Fabrics for a “quick trip” to browse.


Woo hoo!


And an hour and half and $40 later here is my final selection:


I’ll get the sewing machine out soon… Progress updates promised ;)


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