hop to it.

I went to hot yoga today (after I picked up some new lulu gear). It was hot. It was yoga. It was exactly as I expected. It was intense. The vinyasas were super fast and the warrior 3s were super long. Again, exactly as I expected. What surprised me tonight though was me. While I typically opt somewhere between the variation and the super-duper yogi version, I always turn into a big chicken (what kind of yoga pose would that be? ,e just standing there?) when it comes time to “hop to the front of your mat”. I usually whimp out and take the “step toward the front of your mat”. I can do it. I’ve done it in my living room many times (usually after I get home from a class and I am mad at myself for not hopping) but when it comes to doing it in class I am scared… Of what? Falling on my face? Kicking the yogi in front of me? The truth is, I don’t really know. But tonight, armed with my new tank (in the cheery and fun color, ‘flash’) I made the hop… And it was fun! I’ll be practicing that next time. I might not be working on my crow or my headstand, but it’s all about my practice anyhow.

Gotta love the yoga dogs… Visit their fun site



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