so call me… maybe.

We went on a run tonight at the Greenway. The cyclists seem to have read my blog because they were much more into sharing the road ;)

We went for a long run (ok, only four miles, but still longer than three, or two, or none!) and afterwards during our stretch, a woman asked me, “are the toe shoes comfortable to run in?”. I answered with something seriously promoting my vibrams because the answer to her question is a resounding, “YES!”. I get the question a lot and am used to it (how celebrity of me) but her question was different. She didn’t say, “do you like the toe shoes?” or “are those comfortable?”… She flat out asked if they were comfortable to RUN in. The lovely woman didn’t see me running, but she assumed knew I was a runner :)

On the way home we heard this summer’s anthem, the infectious Carley Rae Somebody (her whole name doesn’t fit on the Satellite radio screen in my car, Arthur) song, “Call Me Maybe”. So tonight, please call me a runner!



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