be the match.

Today, my Be The Match kit arrived! The kit is used to determine if I could be used as a bone marrow donor. I thankfully have no personal connection to this need but feel that if I can donate, I should. I currently donate blood as often as possible (I’ve donated 3 times since January) because I am able to. No amount of money in the world can create blood or bone marrow. This is a form of volunteering that I feel confident is making a difference.

In one of my time sucking research sessions on Twitter, I noticed Katie Couric’s urge to join the bone marrow registry. I did some more “research” and decided I could be a donor. It took about ten minutes to fill out the info. Most of that time was spent finding my purse, finding my wallet in my large, overstuffed well-stocked bag, and retrieving my driver’s license number.

That was about a week and a half ago and my kit came in the mail today! My cheek cells are now in an envelope and off to sign me up. Find a home for my bone marrow little cheek cells!

Get signed up today. It’s free and you could make a difference



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