top gun review. from a major movie reviewer.

Disclaimer: I am NOT really a major movie reviewer. Surprise. I know. But I do have opinions… strong ones at times. But this is not one of them. Keep reading for my two cents.

SPOILER ALERT! Top Gun hasn’t changed since 1986. The pick-up lines are still cheesy, Maverick still wears tighty-whiteys, and Goose still dies. But it is still a classic. And was it worth the $17? I’d say so. We did get a “Collector’s Edition” poster after all.

IMAX does make the 2013 version a different experience. I’m guessing that the following things weren’t going through the minds of viewers in 1986:

  1. “These goggles/glasses make me squint and make my eyes hurt. Must remember to use extra eye cream tonight from the squinting.”
  2. “I can’t wait to wash my face. Can we really trust those goggles are sanitized to my liking?”
  3. “Tom Cruise hasn’t always been that crazy guy that jumped on Oprah’s couch. Or believed in who-knows-what…” How
  4. “How old was Katie Holmes when this came out?”

IMAX or not, I give it two thumbs up. One for the volleyball game and one for one of my most  favorite dresses of all time… If it’s in a theatre near you or on a cable channel on a Sunday afternoon, Maverick is always worth it.



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