Half crazy. My thoughts exactly.

We did it! About a week ago in warm and sunny Key West, we fell across crossed the finish line at the Key West Half Marathon. It was a fantastic experience and I will now entertain you with the details.

Disclaimer: I’ve read other people’s race re-caps and they somehow remember in what order things happened and give a nice organized details of “such and such happened at Mile 5.28” and “I managed a time of 4:08 on Mile 12.” I do not have any recollections of that sort. Maybe I have a bad memory. Maybe I don’t want to remember. Or maybe I had too many beverages in KW (to rehydrate, duh.)… So here’s a list of 13.1 things/thoughts/ideas from the race.

1. Before the race even started I about had a total-major-epic emergency. My fourth safety pin had jumped ship from my race bib (I was jealous of that little bugger about 11 miles later). Anyone that knows me understands my need for things to be “just-so.” My mind raced and I started to panic. *Insert superhero theme song music* The husband gave me one of his and sacrificed his fourth safety pin to shut me up save the day.


Before or after the safety pin catastrophe? The jury is still out.

2. “I should count people in tutus.” I lost count at 3. I still wonder about their aerodynamics…

3. On the outbound course, there were bubbles coming from a piano in Mallory Square: “this is magical!” On the way in… no bubbles: “this is not magical.”

4. “Smile for the race photographer! Suck in! Don’t look close to death!”

Throw the shaka. Smile. Look happy. My feet really are moving. I promise. I think this was around Mile 10 or 11.

5. There were musicians on the course which was nice. Gave me a break from my earbuds. I think the total was one bubble-blowing piano player, two steel drummers, a guitar player and his dog, and a partridge in a pear tree. I made sure to run extra slow by them to enjoy their talents *wink.*

6. I thought the race info said we’d see the sun rise but it was just up when I got the the ocean. I imagine this is because I was a bit “less fast”.

7. Race volunteers (mostly Florida retirees) manned the water stations and cheered: very encouraging and super nice. The Florida retiree runners that kept passing me throughout the race: not so encouraging, but super nice I’m sure.

8. Best shirt on the course: I run to drink beer. If you’re reading this, I’m going to drink beer before you. “Nice. Let me pass you.” Second best shirt on the course: Running buddy due in July. “Sure. Keep passing me, lady. I want your body that is busy growing a human and running a half-marathon to beat me.” I did get to compliment her shirt after the race and take her and her baby-daddy’s photo after.

9. Seeing the Southern Most Point was awesome on the way out. I captured this *super-awesome* selfie. Blurry from the sweat on my phone, not from some new Instagram filter. #nofilter,justsweat. I’m still smiling (Read: you know this was early in the race). Note the other selfie takers in the background. Note Cuba 90 miles away. I even multitasked enough to post to The Facebook mid-run.


10. Developed two blisters on my arches around mile 9. Guess it wasn’t a warm sweaty training season at home. Ouch. I also thought my knees were bleeding at one point. No fall. They just burned.

11. At one point my Garmin switched from training mode to just displaying the time and date. Had it given up on me? I switched it back. My thought, “It can’t believe I’m doing this either.”

12. I saw the husband (who had left me in his dust around mile 0.25) up ahead near mile 11. I was already way past empty at that point but I ran up to him and we finished disgracefully together.

13. Somewhere close to the finish, I kept seeing all the people that had finished. “I see you have your medal… and free beer… I know you finished like 60 minutes ago… I hate you…”


I finished, too. See my medal? My free beer? Yeah. That’s right.

13.1 Post race was the best part. More on that in the next post.

Bloody Marys at Half Shell Raw Bar

Bloody Marys are good for you. Look at all of those veggies.

Thanks for all of your encouragement and virtual cheers. I thanked you for the next few days in KW. Stay tuned to hear how…


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