about jaime.

Jaime is new to blogging and new to her thirties. Jaime turned thirty in April ’12 and has since graduated from graduate school, lost 42 pounds (well not since April), is finding a love for fitness, and is looking for a hobby to keep her mind busy since she no longer loathes Tuesday nights and all the work that they required. plenty busy with her job as a school administrator.

Jaime has been married to her wonderful husband, Rory, for almost four years. He is her stability, sanity, chef, dog walker, style-critic, and best friend. She would rather no other activity than being with him.

Jaime is also the mother person to Berkeley, her rescue puppy that isn’t quite a puppy anymore. Berkeley is a sleepy dog with many human traits and enjoys a good ice cream cone every now and then.

Jaime would like to write that she is skilled in sailing, singing, and ab workouts, but actually she just likes to enjoy the beach (no skill required), the sun (only SPF required), and is learning to love running (as long as she has some new lululemon duds to sport).


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