snow day. and snow-ish day.

Much like the rest of the Southeast, Charlotte was stuck in snOMG this week.

  • Monday was the looming thought of snow.
  • Monday night we started to get antsy. Get bread.
  • Tuesday morning was a total waste of time. All mobile devices in the upstate were in constant refresh mode on
  • Tuesday afternoon school released early (There was still no snow). Get liquid bread.
  • Tuesday night there really was actual snow. Just check all social media outlets and you’ll see. We also got the glorious “CMS is cancelled” notification.
  • Wednesday morning there was still real actual snow. That began to melt. Pavement actually looked dry.
  • Wednesday night there was the “CMS is cancelled” notification, again. Strange but true.
  • Thursday. Snow is melting. It’s cold.

Wednesday and Thursday: Snow days. Really it should’ve been, “Wednesday: Snow Day. Thursday: Snow-ish Day. aka we don’t want to have kids sleep in school like hotlanta.”

So what did I do on my Snow and Snow-ish day?

  1. Watched the Today show. Love to feel like a housewife.
  2. Bought new running shoes via amazon. In a very un-like Jaime move, I bought the same shoes that I just wore out. In a new color. And it’s the older model. But let’s be real. The Mizuno Wave Rider 16 beats the new 17 any day.
  3. Painted my nails. I’m a bit obsessive about this like Rosayln Rosenfeld from American Hustle (here’s a dossier from I love that I’ve actually seen an award winning movie before it won those awards. So very hip of me.
  4. Filled out my new running log/training plan for the upcoming races. (Are you curious?! No launch date announced today. I’m just going to let you know when I let you know. Call me Beyonce.)
  5. Made a new crock-pot recipe that I will not make again. Too much work, not enough taste. Does anyone else think the crock pot sucks the flavor out of a lot of stuff?
  6. Found a new website for running gear that I love: I might be far behind. Speaking of which, these “randies” are on their site. I have to have them. I’m a size xs if you want to buy them for me. And if you believe that, we are not friends.
  7. Researched sunglasses for running. I have been super-unsuccessful at this and don’t, but want to. I’m thinking about the Smith Pivlock v90. Then I also saw them on the Oiselle site. Maybe it’s a sign.
  8. Read some of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I’m not loving it so far, but I’m still reading because I’m curious.
  9. Concocted a new popcorn. Here’s the recipe: fresh popped popcorn (The Cuisinart Popcorn Maker might be my favorite kitchen gadget) splashed with Crystal Hot Sauce. I’m not even a big hot sauce fan, but it is amazing. Now we’re out of Crystal’s. I’m not sure if it should be called “Hot-Corn” (not super descriptive) “Crystal’s Corn” (sounds like some country-bumpkin recipe) or “Pop Crystal” (a champagne cocktail or an illegal drug). Whatever you call it, I don’t care (“Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care!”) just make it. And enjoy it. Repeat. (I did). 
  10. Made a vertical Snow Angel on the way home from dinner Tuesday.
Vertical Snow Angel! On a walk home from dinner.

Vertical Snow Angel! On a walk home from dinner.

Sounds like I’ve been productive, right? Right. I’ll keep telling myself that. I’ll tell the husband that, too.


top gun in theaters. serious.

So Top Gun is back in theaters for a brief stint (aka instant money maker) re-mastered or something in IMAX. I’m currently sitting in the theatre after the husband paid $17 per ticket plus some “service” fee (we haven’t actually had much interaction with anyone yet that provided said “service” except for the teenager that tore our tickets and gave us the special IMAX goggles). Just for reference, the average cost of a ticket in 1986 when Top Gun was released was $3.71.

We made sure to get here early. Fifty minutes might have been an over estimate– we were the first ones here. I’ve not seen an IMAX movie; I rarely see movies at the theatre (largely due to a pattern of napping during movies. At home and in the theatre). This will be a new adventure. Not quite Bucket List adventure (how about that theatrical reference?! I saw that in multiple parts via DVD) but new all the same. I can’t help but wonder in this re-release “does goose die in this one, too??”

It’s time to put my fancy glasses on. I’ll post my review later. Until then, take some time to brush up on the lyrics to “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling”.