husband of the year.

So I had a lousy day at work on Friday. I texted the husband to see if by some off-chance won the Powerball. No such luck this week for our early retirement plan. I did, however, come home to a nice treat heinekens in the fridge:


Is that a Wine Carafe?

Here’s the note in the flowers.

The official explanation.

The official explanation

finishedHe might not have made them look like this, but he’s still the best!


sweaty sunny saturday.

I’m probably due to write a Spring Break recap (that phrase sounds as if I had an MTV-esque vacay, but it was more VH1-esque) but I am too *busy* soaking up the sun to think that hard right now.

I went for solo run this afternoon at the greenway while the husband pretended he was playing at The Masters played golf and just to enjoy the sun shine a bit longer and really increase the racer back tan lines decided to enjoy a lemonade on the patio at Starbucks. Insert yuppie joke here. Aside from the yellow film of pollen covering the city, life is grand (hey, it is the weekend!).

Here’s to the rest of the weekend… Hope it’s a sunny one for you, too. Cheers!

imageImage Source

aww… he got the velcros.

My shoe came untied. I was picking up dinner and of course had my hands full (carryout in one hand, 25 lb purse over my shoulder, and cell phone in the other hand, not in my purse– as if I get 85 calls each hour). I thought about kicking the laces around until I made it to the car, but I imagined myself dropping the food, my purse spilling, my hands getting scraped on the sidewalk… but not dropping my phone (because I would of course be on phone call #86). I stopped to tie my shoe and had an interesting thought… isn’t it funny that we still use laces to tie our shoes? I mean, have we not evolved past string?!

Cue the background music. My mind immediately went to one of my new favs, Thrift ShopAww… he got the velcros.

What happened to velcros? Isn’t that like a genius invention that allows the wearer to never need to drop her food, spill her purse, or ignore call #87? Why aren’t velcros cool? Don’t get me wrong… I’m not bringing them back anytime soon, but why aren’t they cool?

What other invention is genius, but just doesn’t stick? (get it, ‘stick’? like velcros sticks?!)


chicken powder?

I’m not in the habit of posting pics of what I eat. But I can’t help but post what I saw in the cafeteria today (not part of a school lunch… but probably not far from it).
Ladies and gentlemen… I give you Doritos Ranch Dipped Hot Wings.


Eww. Chicken powder? Is that like the ashes of a chicken? Chicken pixie dust?! On Doritos?!?! Don’t get me wrong, I love a guilty pleasure as much as the next gal, but chicken powder and chicken fat on my chips are not for pleasure…

Just when I thought Takis were as gross as a chip could get. For those that don’t work in a middle school, Takis are “mini corn tortilla chips that are rolled up like a small taco (similar to the deep fried taquitos).” Source: