800 miles in 2014. and other goals.

It’s that time of year! All things blog-esque are buzzing about resolutions, changes, weight loss, organization, blah. I’ve noticed that a lot of them are actually going the anti-resolution route and just renaming making goals or lifestyle updates. I get it. I’m drinking the kool-aid and making a few resolutions of my own. And here they are… Because once they’re in print, I’m accountable (or whatever) and all of my 728,413 followers (ha! Do you believe that? Don’t. It’s not for real) will hold me to my goals.

Goal 1: I will run 800 miles in 2014. That’s from home to the Florida Keys. Maybe I’ll stay once I get there ;)

Goal 2: I will read for pleasure. Internet rubbish doesn’t count. Even though it is all true.

Goal 3: I will be good to my body (that’s the I will lose weight and I will eat better resolution hidden amongst the way I’m supposed to make my goal. You can put lipstick on a pig, and it’s still a pig.)

Goal 4: I will blog because I like it. Tell your friends and keep reading. And tell your friends to tell their friends. It’s like a pyramid scheme. It’ll be fun.

Goal 5: Pick up a new hobby. The husband has signed us up for a ukelele lesson this month. Not sure if that will be the ticket or not. It will be comical though.

Goal 6: Stick to my goals.

What are your goals? You COULD be entered to win a prize. That is, if I had a prize to give away…