still here. still blogging. but not nine-to-five.

Well it’s March. It’s even a new season (although it still feels like Winter) and I haven’t blogged nearly as much as I’ve wanted to in 2013 . In thinking of what to blog about, I started thinking about the blogs I pretend are about my pretend So-Cal life read frequently…

There are a few blogs I follow with the same regularity as which I brush my teeth: Run Eat Repeat, Peanut Butter Fingers, MizFit Online: thank you all for making me jealous inspired by your life filled with writing, fitness, food, and free goodies from companies that send you stuff to review on your blog.

To those *lovely* bloggers: I am 100% envious of your “job.”

Don’t get me wrong– I am sure there are less than celeb-esque moments of their careers… but I am most inconveniently reminded of  the perks I have imagined when some kid’s parent is screaming profanities at me for giving him consequences. For what you ask? For screaming profanities at someone else (insert “apple not falling far from tree” reference here) or any other myriad of crazy situations.

My three favorite aforementioned bloggers are all experts in fitness, they take selfies in cute bargains from cute boutiques, they review local food, they make creative meals and include pics of what they eat, and post pics of their Garmins showing runs of distances that I don’t even drive.

I am not an expert in the fitness arena. I don’t take selfies. I scarf down my food before it has a chance of being in a photo op. I did log 5 miles on the dreadmill today to prep for the Cooper River Bridge Run but that in no way ‘expert.’  I am not currently testing products for any company and writing about them. I cook eat what the husband cooks for me and half the time it lands on a paper plate (not pic-worthy– even if it is Instagramed to the hilt).

I am however willing to be picked up as a free-lance blogger. And by free-lance I mean, pay me or at least send me free sh*t. At least then I’ll have something to blog about.


welcome back. having my cake and eating it, too.

Well I guess it’s time to reintroduce myself. I took a brief hiatus from the blogosphere (is it even called that anymore?!). I didn’t mean to stop writing my blog. I would like to blame it on the busy-ness (or just the plain business) of my new job as a school administrator but the reality is that I became super busy at work AND I chose to neglect writing my blog. How often do we (mostly me) say that we just got too busy to __________ (fill in the blank with your favorite thing to do that you often put to the side when life gets busy, or stressful, or whatever)?

I know that I fill my proverbial plate with way too much work stuff (just ask the husband). When the helpings of work stuff begin to overflow my plate, I often push my servings of things I love to do to aside. The good stuff like blogging, running, reading for fun (if I remember what that’s like) often get sent to the (also proverbial) dessert plate as if they aren’t important. The truth is the things we love to do aren’t extras. They are just as important– if not more. It’s time to make my plate more balanced. I need to make the choice to balance it. After all, who doesn’t want to have their cake and eat it, too? But I won’t forget to count the points for that piece of cake :) more about that soon…

my blogging debut.

I’ve decided to blog to fill the space in my head now that grad school is done. During grad school I made what seemed like a long list of things to do once I graduated, but because I didn’t record them anywhere (other than pinterest over the holidays) I decided to start by blogging. My purpose is to capture my thoughts, ideas, and *hopefully* accomplishments.

Much to my dismay and protesting, I turned thirty almost two months ago. In the months leading up to “the day” I found myself wondering what I had and had not accomplished in my 29 years and almost 365 days. Since the days since my birthday, I am realizing thirty isn’t so bad… It sure is something though. Cheers.