Chucktown Recap and Goal Updates.

The husband and I spent a long weekend in Charleston, SC after ringing in 2014 on the couch asleep early. We did my three favorite things with my favorite person (the husband): eating, drinking, and shopping. Sometimes all three at once. We did a lot of all three and I won’t make you more jealous  share all of it, but here a few highlights!

Dinner at The Ordinary. Far from ordinary. (I’m sure that 87,234 other reviews use that same line, but for real. It’s true). We made reservations way in advance and it is a good thing. We never would’ve eaten. Just stared at hipsters eating their delicious food like these Oyster Sliders:


A fried oyster on a butter soaked bun? Please. And yes, I will have another.

And like this Shellfish Tower:


Mostly uncooked. And unreal.

And when I inquired about a dessert drink, the bartender whipped up fresh brewed espresso (chilled) and Averna (some fancy-dancy liquor) and made a drink just for me. Go there and order “The Jaime.” Then let me know what happens.



We also ate at Husk for lunch. Go there, too. Any place that infuses the butter with pork has to be good for you. But make a reservation. Or you’ll just watch more hipsters drink these:


Is that a pickled green bean and a piece of prosciutto in my bloody mary? Oh and it’s made with 30 ingredients? Delish.

Took a carriage ride. Very Charleston. Very touristy. Learned a thing or two.


This is Otis. He wasn’t our guide, but he sure is cute.

We even added 4 miles to the yearly goal and ran the Ravenel Bridge on a very cold and windy day. Brr! (Note the progress toward that goal!)


A fun run. A windy run. And a cold run.

A fun time for sure. As for the other goals…??

Goal 1: Run 800 miles.

Getting closer. Check.

Goal 2: Read for pleasure

Does reading menus count? Half check.

Goal 3: I will be good to my body

Define good. No check.

Goal 4: Blog

Here it is folks. Keep telling your friends. Check.

Goal 5: Pick up a new hobby

I did four things: Eat, drink, shop, run. Those aren’t new. No check.

Goal 6: Stick to my goals.

Two and half checks. Two no checks. I give this goal a check and that means three and a half checks to two no checks. On my way to a super 2014.


Todd & Margo


“get over it.” cooper river bridge run 2013

Charleston better get ready– I’ve registered for the 2013 Cooper River Bridge Run. Ok, so maybe I had better get ready. And get ready to run with 39,999 of my newest friends, I will. It’ll be my first 10K so I’ve got to increase distance. I’ve been saying that for awhile but it’s time to put my money where my mouth is get my shoes on and pound the payment. I’m super pumped about the race.

We’ve booked a quaint b&b downtown (what b&b isn’t quaint?!) and little miss Berkeley will be going, too. I’ve only been to Charleston once before and I’m looking forward to eating and drinking my way through the city exploring and finding out what the “holy city” has to offer. Any suggestions for must dos??

“I’ll go to Charleston but no way I’m running with you. That would impose on my nap time.”20130203-190615.jpg