“the drunk diet” by luc carl… my *humble* review

So I’ve been reading Runner’s World lately (but you are reading this because you want to know about The Drunk Diet— be patient, I’m getting there) and they mentioned a new book The Drunk Diet by a long-haired, spandex pants-wearing, rock n’ roll dude (the pants threw me into questioning masculinity but then I learned he is the ex-boyfriend to Lady Gaga), Luc Carl (see, I told you I was getting to the interesting read!). The formula didn’t make any sense and I think that’s why I was intrigued. A guy in leather pants writing a fitness book? About how he lost 40 pounds and drank Budweiser (not light, either) everyday? The strange juxtaposition was like watching the e-trade commercials with the talking baby: that shouldn’t be happening, but I can’t stop watching, I am entertained, and I want more. So more is what I got. After reading a few free excerpts from the book (available for Amazon Kindle or the Kindle iPad app) I was hooked…20120710-110228.jpg

Let me remind you that I am not the rock n’ roll type and the author and his friends in the book are far from my reality. I don’t drink Budweiser… I drink vodka and sparking water (see my post from the other day). I live in suburbia… And I like it. I’m not in a band… Because I have no musical talent. I don’t start work when it’s dark and finish when it’s light out… I like to go to bed by 9:30. The only thing I know about Iron Maiden is that they have some songs on Guitar Hero. I work in a public school for pete’s sake (I am sure that Luc Carl would use a four-letter word other that ‘pete’ in that phrase).

But I loved the book. Luc Carl’s memoir (I am hopeful that it is actually only the first in many parts of a memoir– I am sure he’ll have more stories to tell) is told with more than a healthy sprinkling of four letter words, but it provides a colorful voice for the author that almost provides the second-hand smoke at the same time. I read it quickly, laughing out loud every few pages. I learned some things about running. And fitness. And food. But more importantly, reading The Drunk Diet was inspiring. It made me want to get out and run and eat healthy. I love the stories of his runs over bridges and made me wish I had real bridges to run across, not just the occasional overpass. His recipes aren’t intricate or gourmet (canned tuna and mustard might be tasty but it surely isn’t fine cuisine) but they make sense.

“I buy the can labeled INGREDIENTS: TUNA, WATER. There’s only one type on the shelf in my grocery store that says that. The rest of them are packed full of preservatives and a sh*tload of alt and other crap that your body doesn’t need to have flowing through its bloodstream.”

He also talks up eggs (no yolks!) like they are the newest thing ever. During yesterday’s grocery shopping adventure I wanted some hard boiled eggs. It’s true. I was going to get the ones already hard boiled. I know, super lazy. But then I checked the ingredients. I heard Luc’s voice telling me, “It should just say: EGGS.” But nope. Something like sodium benzo-something, so I put them back. I bought the uncooked eggs. Just because I live in suburbia doesn’t mean I actually know how to be domestic, so I carefully followed Luc’s instructions in the recipes section of the book. I made them this morning and can’t wait for my mid morning snack :)

He started running to get ‘sexy’ and I enjoyed his stories of where he runs but I really enjoyed sharing in the beginning runner experience.

“Every time I read something about a really serious runner, I wind up feeling like such a novice that I’m not sure I’m worthy enough to call myself one. But listen to me right now: If you own a pair of running shoes and a “wicking” shirt, you’re a f—ing runner. It doesn’t matter if you run five miles a week or eighty-five miles a week, you’re a f—ing runner and don’t let anyone tell you any different.”

Luc Carl and I are a lot more alike that I ever imagined. He lost 40 pounds… I’ve lost 42 (not on The Drunk Diet but I’m hoping his words of wisdom will help me lose the rest). He likes to run to his favorite music… So do I. His book has lots of purple accents… My favorite color is purple and my Vibrams are purple. He likes spandex… And I love lululemon. He’s a f—ing runner… And so am I. Rock on.