chia… not just for pets.

I started blogging after I read a few really great ones including Last week, Miz blogged about her love of Chia seeds. I had tried the seeds as part of my ridiculously expensivehealthy and yummy Kombucha drinks. Miz went on and on about the amount of fiber in the seeds, antioxidants (MORE than blueberries!), and multiple uses and ways to ingest them. After some skepticism research, I discovered that the seeds can actually make you feel full because they expand in your belly (and other digestive parts).

I went to Earth Fare to buy the seeds (I was sure that I could find them at the super expensive yuppy hippy healthy grocery store). I couldn’t find them on my own though. I learned from the very helpful girl at the store that Dr. Oz had mentioned them on his show and they often sold out of them! We had to check three places for the seeds. We finally found them and I decided that $10 was outrageous worth the money if they had all the fiber they promised. I tried them first in my lemon/mint water (also purchased at Earth not fair pricesFare). To my surprise, my midmorning snack could wait a little longer!


    Now I’m hooked on the little seeds. So far, I am only adding them to water or lemonade. Do you have any yummy chia recipes to share?

    I’m feeling fuller, but wonder if there is a chia pet growing inside me?! ;)