friday update.

In education, we always encourage reflection to improve our practice. I think it’s time I make that part of my personal life, too. So as I begin my blogging journey I’ll commit to making Friday recaps of the week. It’s only 52 a year… I can do that. Right?

I am pleased with my accomplishments this week… I didn’t run a marathon, save a wounded animal, set a world record or find a cure for anything, but it’s the little things.

1. I went back to my Wednesday night Weight Watchers meeting. I gained since I had been in over a month (duh. I didn’t need the scale to tell me). I am excited to be back. I missed the routine and my WW pals.

2. I tried new fruit. Cherries. I had always been turned off by the pits (my excuse was: ‘potential chocking hazard’ but my reality was: ‘lazy’). They looked so yummy at Traders Joes. I washed them and put them in a colorful bowl in the fridge (I should put a pic here but I ate them before I thought about it) so I could snack on them while staring in the fridge (terrible habit but I am sure I’m not alone). Will buy them again.

3. New fruit “dip” invented discovered. Trader Joes 0% Fat Honey Greek Yougart. Delish! Had it with cantaloupe and it was super. Made a great desert.

4. Completed craft project #1. I had fun making my yoga bag and I actually finished a craft project. What’s next??

5. New yoga bag and I made it to yoga– twice. I really enjoy yoga and didn’t realize how much I missed it until I was contorted in dragon today. I’ve got to keep scheduling myself ahead of time to make it work.

6. I ran twice. When it was a zillion degrees. Nothing like all that heat to remind you that you haven’t had enough h2o during the day.

7. I’ve blogged several times. Thanks for reading… It’s encouraging and I love the comments and ‘likes’.

This week, I’ve been able to get back on track and live a little healthier. Goals for next week: drink more water, exercise, and finish laundry. The laundry isn’t fun or exciting or life changing but it is piling up. Ugh.

How was your week? What will you focus on next week?