seasons end. and new ones begin.

Tuesday night, my Nan (grandmother) passed away. It was the last day of Spring and I know it was that day on purpose. Nan loved Spring: the flowers, Easter, the birds. I know she chose to leave this Earth just as the season ended because it makes sense. The last four years for her had been crummy and I am so glad for her that the suffering has ended.

I know she’s in Heaven already back on that telephone… With her cup of black coffee… Watching out the window for birds to admire (or squirrels to run off that are in her flowers). She’s with my Pap-Pap and she’s already fussing at him for something and he loves every minute of it. I know we are all in trouble because she’s watching everything we do and she’s closer than ever. :)

As summer begins, I’m full of happy memories of Nan. I was lucky enough to spend several weeks over the years in the summer with Nan and Pap-Pap. I remember making pickles with cucumbers from the garden and dill from the yard. Watching Days of our Lives. Playing with her costume jewelry. Using the old sewing machine. Walking to the post office. Learning about flowers. Zinnias, morning glories and Queen Anne’s Lace. I am thankful for also of these memories and so many more. Just as the seasons change, so do our lives and those in it. I miss her. I always will.

I love you, Nan… “6:30 times millions” xoxo



summer craft project #1: update

After our run today and a yummy dinner (grilled pork chop and asparagus), I started my yoga mat bag. The directions are incredibly easy to follow and I have measured (twice!), cut (once!) and pinned the handles. At this rate, I’ll be ready for shavasana sweating my butt off in hot yoga by Thursday!

Being a responsible crafter (i.e. avoiding time suck behavior) I need to look at my calendar for tomorrow and schedule a craftiness session. I’m planning to reward my good behavior (running again and going to my Weight Watchers meeting) with time at the sewing machine.

See my bag’s progress below…