saturday’s 5k top ten.

I posted pics from this Saturday’s 5K but the moments I appreciated the most were not captured in photos because I didn’t think to take pictures I was consumed in the moments. Below are my top ten moments from the race.

10. I placed third in my age division! Who would’ve guessed. Call me Gaylord Focker, but I’m proud of my “Third Place” ribbon…

9. When we lined up, a really old well-seasoned couple was next to us. We chuckled that that would be us in retirement. The wife won her age division: 89. 89?! 89 and running. I hope that we are fortunate and healthy enough to be them.

8. Peaches at the finish line!

7. The last mile was downhill :) what a fun way to pick up speed and finish fast!

6. I found a running buddy from mile 1.5 to 2.5. We didn’t say a word but were in a perfect rhythm. I could tell he was a serious runner and I knew he could set a more solid pace better than me and my Garmin. I later learned that he is 79.

5. Sprinting at the end. I know my cheeks were all flappy, but I loved it and It made for a great race photo:


4. There was a mist throughout most of the race. It was humid, but the ever-so-slight rain was perfectly refreshing.

3. The one-mile kids run was great to watch: so much fun to see all the kids (with untied shoes) cross the finish line.

2. The youngest participant in the one-mile kids run might have been 3. An adorable little girl with shoes that would fit in the palm of your hand ran her heart out. Too cute.

1. In addition to the 5K and the one-miler, there was also 10K. There were two people who crossed the finish line together that (in my judgmental and wrong) opinion, didn’t look like the most fit folks. I’ll call them Elizabeth and Jerry. An odd couple at first glance (Elizabeth, a 6 foot tall black woman, Jerry, a short white man) but a perfect match in spirit and aspiration. It was obvious that they had trained together for the 10K and although they were the last folks to finish, they got the biggest cheer– and deserved it. It was incredibly humbling to watch their victory. It wasn’t about a time, it was about a finish. Clearly, they appreciated the journey and were ready for the next chapter. Watching them finish a distance twice as far as mine, I felt undeserving of my silky participant ribbon. But more importantly, I felt inspired. I can’t wait to sign up for a 10K.


so call me… maybe.

We went on a run tonight at the Greenway. The cyclists seem to have read my blog because they were much more into sharing the road ;)

We went for a long run (ok, only four miles, but still longer than three, or two, or none!) and afterwards during our stretch, a woman asked me, “are the toe shoes comfortable to run in?”. I answered with something seriously promoting my vibrams because the answer to her question is a resounding, “YES!”. I get the question a lot and am used to it (how celebrity of me) but her question was different. She didn’t say, “do you like the toe shoes?” or “are those comfortable?”… She flat out asked if they were comfortable to RUN in. The lovely woman didn’t see me running, but she assumed knew I was a runner :)

On the way home we heard this summer’s anthem, the infectious Carley Rae Somebody (her whole name doesn’t fit on the Satellite radio screen in my car, Arthur) song, “Call Me Maybe”. So tonight, please call me a runner!